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Quay West Studios has two outstanding pods built inside St John's Church. A well crafted live room is complimented by an acoustically designed and treated control room. Both pods are built separately from each other giving greater isolation. The main hall, or 'Nave", of the church doubles up as a second live room and performance space for events and videos. The Nave is a stunning space to record our grand piano, re amp guitars and drums, record instruments, vocals and perform a live recording. 


Set in an awe inspiring church our control room is centred around a stunning API 1608 console. Our purpose built control room was designed to, well, sound amazing, and it does. With only a hand full of 1608 consoles in the UK, this extremely high end desk is a dream piece of recording equipment for producers and engineers.  Alongside our acoustically designed and treated live room you won't struggle to get the sound you are after.

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At Quay West Studios we understand how important your project is. Hours writing, perfecting and recording your music, and the time taken to make your creative idea into a physical product.  That's why our mixing process is one of care and respect. Our engineers have the creative and technical skills to enhance your track and take it to the next level. Combine this with our newly built control room and you can guarantee for the best possible results. 

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